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My Fanfiction

I will try to update this as often as I write something new, and that way you don't need to slog back through my journal or my memories if you want to see what I've written. XD Nobody's perfect, so I sometimes forget to add-in new fics. I always tag my entries though, so you might want to use those as well. UPDATED: 04/02/10

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These little guys are my party from VDex. Please click on them!

Life is Good



I know there's only, like, two of you left, and I know I NEVER UPDATE THIS THING but here goes. I have started up a lot of things that I had previously given up on. Well, maybe "given up" is too strong a term? I'm going back to school this summer, retaking some classes I did poorly in and hopefully getting an A! Passing them will bring my GPA back up to where it should be, which will be awesome. Everything is in order, I just need to wait until registration starts and HOP TO IT.

I joined the website GoodReads, as well as the Reading Challenge of 2013. Challenged myself to read 100 books - fucking succeeded. Hell yes. Also started reading Game of Thrones in addition to watching it as it airs on tv torrenting it more like but whatevs.

I restarted my Pokemon X game, as I like to do occasionally, and am revamping my team, shuffling some pokemon about and using some I've never even considered before. :)

I've taken up crocheting more than I had in the past, branching out and trying new things. I've made some wristers (fingerless gloves) and a pretty scarf for my bestie, who is a Valentine's baby, as well as several scarves and miscellaneous holders and such for other things. Practically everyone in my family has a scarf now but I still need to mail them out to friends - SLOWPOKE and my technique is getting miles better!

I cut my hair off again!! :D I LOVE that just-cut feeling, especially when I have enough of it that I can donate it to Locks for Love at the same time. I really adore my hair when it's short; it gives me such a confidence boost as well.

I got a job at A.C. Moore a few months back! I've been promoted twice since starting work in mid July. I also just found out that I earn more per hour than my little brother, haha. It's been a constant state of competition/banter since we were little, always trying to out-do one another. True, he makes more with commissions, which don't apply to my job, but as a flat rate I'm earning more than him.

I've finally started playing Diablo 3!!! It's so much fun, omg! I really love the monk, she's such a cool character with such a great range of skills. Demon hunter is a close second, with witch doctor coming in dead last. Ugh. No matter what I do, I just can't play her well! I don't know what it is!

Started re-watching Naruto, and Leverage - I've noticed that I tend to enjoy the beginning of a series more than where it's currently at. It doesn't seem to matter what series, either. Same as I like to restart games all the friggin' time, and make new characters just to begin all over again. It probably speaks to my personality in some huge way that I'm too tired to figure out at the moment.

I should find new communities and make new friends on here. All of you are gone, basically, and it makes LJ a bit lonely. I should also begin writing again. I still cringe when I go over my earlier pieces. I cannot believe people are still faving them!! Ugh. I mean, I'm happy they enjoyed my story but UGH! The writing is so terrible!

ETA: are you kidding me? I didn't post AT ALL in 2013??? YIKES.

Happy Holidays!!

Hey everyone!

I've got good news, and I've got bad news. Actually, kind of just… news? (Eh, I hate this game, too).

The holidays are here, and -- as we've been doing the past few years -- we're not holding our celebrations until Daddy joins us in late January, early February 2013. Which is fine; Mom lives for the after-Christmas sales, and has been dragging me out to the Mall and every other store in between to find great deals and cool new things and fun games and awesome new outfits. Frankly, I'm not a shopper to begin with, so this is a bit… stressful, for me. BUT! I was rewarded for my patience by her taking me to see the Hobbit!!! SO FUCKING GOOD OMG.

Ahem. So, points:

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2) My grandfather on my father's side passed away on Christmas Eve. It's supremely sad, and Dad's devastated. He's all the way around the world right now, though, and we can't offer any other comfort aside from our words. I wish he were here now more than ever. Grandpa's passing was terrible, but in a way it was also a blessing. He's been suffering from Pick's Disease (a kind of dementia) for close to a decade now. It's a debilitating disease that messes with his memory, and when I'd seen him last summer, he didn't remember who I was. Not just my name, but my relation to him, no matter which way we explained it. He'd just look at me and smile a polite, I-don't-know-you-but-I-guess-it's-nice-meeting-you smile. It was heartbreaking then, and it's just as bad now. But, on the slightly less dark side, he's definitely bound to be in a better place now. He's been drifting away slowly, and in a way that's good. We've been saying goodbye to him for so long -- he hasn't been himself for almost the entire time -- and so it feels like we'd already said our goodbyes, and it was just finally time for him to go. We're all grieving in our own way, and Dad's flying out there during his visit home to see his brothers and attend the funeral.

So anyway, see what I mean? News, of a sort. I have fond memories of my grandfather, and when I think about him I don't think about his last years on this Earth. I think about when we'd visited as a family, back when I was a pre-teen. We'd go out to eat, and Grandpa had this bad habit of chewing on his glasses. He'd absentmindedly pull them off and start to chew on the bit that tucks in behind the ear. Only one side, though. Eccentric that he was, it was just on the left. He'd chew on them until they no longer fit his face. :) He was such a kind, thoughtful, and straightforward person, and he will be dearly missed.



One of the things I love about the holidays is that I get to bake! It's something I started doing whenever things with my brothers got to be too irritating, or they pissed me off, or we had screaming matches across the house over little, inconsequential things -- as siblings are apt to do -- and I discovered that the act of collecting ingredients, measuring them out and mixing them together calms me down. It eventually evolved into something that is fun, and for several birthdays in a row we'd bake cookies or brownies just because. So now, whenever winter rolls around, you can usually smell something baking in my kitchen. When I've got the materials, that is. And this year, for several reasons, I get to bake quite a bit more than usual.

For this Christmas/New Year's, we might be down in Connecticut. I'm not sure when yet, because everyone involved in the planning is being depressingly vague, but sometime this December we're driving the four and a half hours south to CT to celebrate with family. Well, almost-family. Family-in-law? Dave (older brother) is planning to propose to Kristen, his girlfriend of almost four years soon, and we've been spending holidays with her extended family for a few years now. Nothing as big as Christmas, but most often Thanksgiving and Easter -- among other, smaller, holidays -- are spent with them. This year, though, we're thinking of a joint celebration in CT, as that's where Dave, Kris, her twin sister and her boyfriend are renting a house, as three of the four of them have jobs in the NY/CT area. Dave's having issues transferring down there, but he visits every weekend.

The holidays with them are kind of… stressful, for me. I'm not religious, in any sense of the word, and this family IS, in a big way. It's very different to the way I grew up, and it's a little intimidating. Dave's started scolding me for my language, "taking the Lord's name in vain", which I do… a lot. It just doesn't mean anything to me, you know? When I use phrases like, "I swear to God," prefacing some threat or complaint or whatever, it's just that to me -- a PHRASE. I don't take any special meaning out of it, and they're just words to me. But this family is very religious, intoning descriptive prayers before every meal, attending Church every Sunday (and yes, capitals included), Bible sayings on wall-hangings, in frames, a Bible in just about every room of the house. And I just… don't know what to do? I don't know what to say, or how to say anything. I always feel like I might say something offensive on accident, and I really don't want to! I do like them, they're wonderful people, but we just have different religious viewpoints and I KNOW that's a huge point against me with this family. If they knew I was agnostic they would try to "help" me, to "guide" me to a "better future". I don't need "better", I'm fine as I am. I just don't wanna open that can of worms, so I've kept my mouth shut. But, having a little brother who's an aggressive atheist is gonna bite me in the ass in the future, I just know it. That boy has no tact.

BUT, I DIGRESS. BAKING. COOKIES. THAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS ENTRY. Having so many holiday get-togethers has allowed me to experiment with my recipes and try out new ones, whether recc'd to me or something I found online. I get to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies next week for the swap -- OMG THEY'RE SO GOOD, UGH -- as well as another cookie, one mom is still figuring out whether or not she wants me to bake. She's having a cookie-swap next Thursday, and I get to make a few different kinds of cookies for it. So excited! :D Now, the part I'm not so excited for is making little goodie bags for it; patience is not a virtue I possess.

PS: WE'RE EATING LITTLE CAESAR'S TONIGHT!! HAHAHA. Love their pizza, omg. Haven't had it in ages.

Me again. /waves

So. With my access to a computer, I have renewed almost all of my addictions. Surprised? Yeah, me neither. :D

The BIGGEST one is SGA. I have watched through half of season one, and then I was feeling nostalgic for Ronon, so I downloaded season two. Aaaaaand now I'm re-addicted.

Missy, I blame you.

DragonVale is an ongoing addiction, more iPad related than compy related, but I figured it should go up here with everything else. And DVale, I have a complaint -- TIME. I have to wait so friggin' long for incubation for the eggs, and then for them to hatch! REAL TIME HOURS. Ugh. But seriously, it's a real time game, so when the egg is gonna take 48 hours to incubate AND 48 hours to hatch? That's four days of waiting. I am not a patient person, no sirree.

Tumblr is, as ever, a time-suck. A wonderful, amazing, hilarious, outstanding, madcap time-suck, but still. I have literally lost track of time while on it, which I had forgotten happens, and almost did a triple-take at my clock the other day when I looked up from my monitor.

Plurk is a continuing thing. It's not so much an addiction as it's a daily part of my routine. I check my plurk hourly, at least, and really it's more regular than my mail.

GLITCH. Have any of you heard of Glitch? It's a fun, quirky, odd, strange, downright weird online game, but still ridiculously addictive. Tria got me hooked on it about a week and a half ago, but as of 11pm tonight it's closing down for good. :( Issues with funding and such, and the staff and creators of Glitch can no longer support the game, so… doneski. Which makes me sad, but, what can you do?

SO! How have you guys been? I know, I've returned within a week! MIRACULOUS! Still feels like I don't talk to you guys enough. :(

/hugs you all wicked tight

Is aliiiiiiiiive. Again.

Hey everyone!

Well, I suppose by "everyone" I really only mean a few of you. There's not many of you left, is there? Everyone on my flist seems to have drifted out of LJ, or at least out of the same fandoms. Eh, it happens. I've been away for… six months now? Practically to the day. I haven't abandoned LJ completely - I still use it for fics and reading material, catch up when I do get involved in fandom. It seems to be few and far between, though. I've been keeping up with my OC fiction, sporadically, but I've gravitated to the written word via notebooks instead of the internet. My iPad and GDocs do not get along, sadly.

Oh yeah. Rodney - computer - died about a month and a half back. It was tragic, and very distressing. He froze up completely on me one afternoon, and so I rebooted him. But, when he turned back on, it quickly became apparent that he'd deleted his hard drive. Ugh. Thank God I'd backed him up literally hours before his crash, so I didn't lost anything. Good luck, there. Now, I need to find a stable job and earn at least $1000 to get a new one. I'm hoping for a MacBook Air. I know it's a couple years old now, but that's fine. I still want it. :D Some of my friends are pushing me to get a Windows machine, but I'm on the fence. I've grown up around Macs and I know them as well as I can, but Windows confuse and irritate me at the best of times. I don't know how to navigate them and when I try, I get frustrated. BUT! I want to get one to play games on, because I've been assured lately that they are FAR better to game on than a Mac. Especially games like Diablo II and III. My… ongoing obsession. XD

Anyway, Rodney croaked, and I've been using my iPad. The keyboard that I got last Christmas for it broke, the bluetooth stopped sending a signal to my iPad, so I sent in for a new one under the guarantee. It FINALLY arrived, and I thus have non-touch keyboard access now! Yay! /o/ The touch keyboard was irritating the hell outta me. *first-world problems, I know I know*

So. Hi. :D I can type again. I don't guarantee that I will continue to update here. I'd have to get sucked into a fandom enough to write in it, which doesn't happen often. But I guess I'll try to keep you all updated and post here more. :) Love you guys, and I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!! If you celebrate it, that is.


/sneaks quietly into LJ

Hi! Didja miss me? XD


There. As for me, I've been… well, not really busy so much as lazy. I have been job-hunting and helping out my parents with their business. We're selling everything in inventory so we can eventually close out the shop. But in the meantime, I have to catalog EVERYTHING which is giving me back pain and seriously making me reconsider possibly being allergic to dust.

In the gaming world, DIABLO III WHY MUST YOU BE SO DIFFICULT?! Well, it's mostly Rodney's fault more than DIII, but still. And, because of the update to Lion, I can no longer play DII, which is pretty much my only gaming addiction. I have been complaining loudly and irritably about this lack of cooperation from my laptop, and mom brought home two older ones for me to tinker with, and hopefully game on. :D Sadly, they use dial-up to connect to the internet. ;A; One is a Dell, which I know fuck-all about how to use, and the iBook is older than dirt, but happily runs DII. Not on battlenet, because of the aforementioned internet connectivity issues, but still. It's a bit laggy, and I'm anticipating a lot of murder-by-monsters in my future. I shouldn't complain -- she went out and found these computers for me, and I love her dearly for it. But, (sniff) I miss gaming.

In health-related news, I've been exercising! Haha, I know, big step for me. Trying not to eat as much junk food, and actually doing some work-outs at the end of the day. I've lost a few pounds already, though I would love to get back to my weight in high school.

Anyway, that's it from me! How's everyone doing? I know that pretty much all of you don't really use LJ anymore, save for a few. I'm gonna try and use it more often, but tbh, as far as fic goes, I've been using AO3 for most of my ficcing needs, and tumblr for my blogging needs, and plurk for my social needs. =/ You can find me at any of those places, and if you want the links just let me know. :)

Love you guys!







Hi! *waves*

Hey guys!

So, I'm deep into two new fandoms, Tiger&Bunny and Criminal Minds. I adore them, and have been marathoning them since I first started watching them. I loved T&B to bits and pieces, and it was at times both hilariously funny and desperately sad, but still. It has a special place in my heart. CM is newer, but I love it just as much. I can't stop watching -- literally, I can't seem to stop; I've stayed up until almost sunrise all this past week watching episodes and I'm now on season six. FLAIL WITH ME LOVELIES.

One downer to this otherwise fun-loving week: del.ici.ous.

I just… people have already ranted about it, and I've done my fair share in comments and on plurk and such, so… I just… ugh. Delicious, shame on you. The new owners don't seem to realize exactly who their main base of users is, and have demolished the site, making it practically useless. It's no longer user-friendly, it has no redeeming features and they keep pushing 'stacks' on us like they're the best thing ever. AVOS, I already have a tumblr -- I don't need another one. Just give me back my bookmarking site and I will be happy. Stop fucking with it and put it back the way it was. It worked. It was awesome. Have you ever heard the phrase, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"? Obviously not.

F-list, I love you guys -- talk to me! It feels like ages since we've last talked! <3


Life update, and college clearly hates me

Well, my great uncle took a turn for the worse this past Saturday, and through some "complications" that ensued, passed away. He didn't even survive the expected ten days on the respirator. Mom is taking it really hard, and I'm just… numb, I guess. I'm not letting myself think about it. I just saw him, a little over a month ago, and now he's gone. I'm very happy that I was able to see him this summer, but I still can't quite picture life without him. It'll be hard, and I'm not looking forward to when this all finally kicks in, but I'll get there when I get there.

As far as my school life is concerned, it's become abundantly clear that college hates me. My online class is an unmitigated disaster thus far, with my prof. marking me as "absent" when I was clearly participating in the discussion thread last week. Whatever. My music class has an online access code issued to every student, and mine's not working. The IT guy is practically useless, and my prof. just assumes we all listened to the music online, and gets pissy when we inform her it's not working. I missed my second class of US History because of the medical emergency, and now I feel lost in that class, and as far as my Psych class goes… I don't really know. It's a once-a-week class, and so far it's great, but I don't have the extended attention span needed to stay sitting for two and a half hours each class.

So… yeah. Kinda depressing and stressful, but that's how my life is at the moment. How're all of you doing?